Julie Giordano For Wicomico County Executive: Economic Message and Vision for Wicomico County

My name is Julie Giordano and I am running in the 2022 Maryland Republican primary to be the next Wicomico County Executive.

For most of my career, I have spent working as a teacher for Wicomico County Public Schools. Besides having a great perspective on education, I have also spent time working in the public and private sector. I worked for Toys R Us as a Human Resources Manager and was the Special Events Manager for Spain Wine Bar in Ocean City. In addition, my husband is a business executive in the private sector. With this background, I understand the various challenges that business owners face.

Right now, in the country we are seeing inflation in the country hit a 40-year high. Treasury Secretary Yellin just predicted, “We’re likely to see another year in which 12-month inflation numbers remain very uncomfortably high”. It is being reported that 68% of small businesses are planning to increase prices due to these increases, costing the average family an extra $5,200 per year ($433 per month) according to estimates by Bloomberg Economics.

We are seeing the supply chain issues getting worse as a result of Russia invading Ukraine. We also are experiencing oil prices surging by 50% inevitably leading gas to go to over $4 dollars a gallon nationally. On top of these issues, the Biden administration is preparing a new wave of federal regulations on businesses, which will increase costs on businesses and kill job creation.

Here in Maryland, inflation has increased by 6.3% and gas prices are up by 50%. A recent Goucher poll shows that 56% of Marylanders are saying that recent price increases have caused them financial hardship. There is a fear coming out of Annapolis with new proposed state energy regulations removing natural gas usage which could cost more than $26,000 to each household in Maryland. What impact would that have on working families and businesses in our state?

There is some relief in sight. Governor Hogan and the legislature have agreed to a one-month gas tax break. In addition, he has pushed to bring tax relief to retirees and regulatory reforms for businesses to keep them from leaving Maryland for neighboring states like Delaware. In addition, for manufacturing expansion and long-term economic development, these things are needed to help our business climate and economy in Maryland thrive and grow.

Here in Wicomico County, recently at a Lower Shore regional economic summit, our local business leaders identified and discussed the three biggest challenges in the region for economic growth: affordable child care, expanding broadband internet access, and transportation. In addition, they expressed the need to strengthen our county’s infrastructure with a master water and sewer plan. The hiring of a Public Works Director is imperative to start identifying the areas of most need. The completion of this project is imperative for economic growth and development here in Wicomico County. This will just be another step to ensure businesses remain here and hopefully entice new businesses to come here.

I am optimistic about Governor Hogan’s recent announcement pledging $50 million dollars to the rural Maryland economic development fund. These funds are geared to address infrastructure, broadband, and workforce development, all things that are needed to bring economic growth and strengthen our economy in Wicomico County.

With all of these challenges coming out of Washington and Annapolis, that is why local leadership is vital. As your next County Executive, my promise to the business community is to be a voice and advocate against potential harmful regulations and taxation that can harm our small business community and hurt our local economy. In addition, I will not increase taxes and regulations with the hopes that our business community can grow and thrive.

Our county has so many resources to make our local economy thrive and grow. I want to work with our small business community to do just that. A strong local economy means a better Wicomico County for all. Together, we can be the change that our county needs. I hope that I can count on your support this July.



Julie Giordano

2022 Republican Candidate for

Wicomico County Executive