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Julie has lived on the Eastern Shore for the past 20 years, where she met her husband and was married in 2007. She graduated from Salisbury University in 2002 with her bachelors in Public Relations and earned her Masters in 2011 in Leadership. She has three children, Jordan (step-daughter), Evan (step-son), and Jack (son), who is 11 years old and currently attends Mardela Middle and High.

I believe Wicomico County needs new leadership with fresh ideas. That is what I can bring. With my experience in the private and public sector, I will be a County Executive of action and results, and that action starts now! 

It is time to bring back the voice of the people and it starts at the local level.  What they say, think, and believe is of the utmost importance. I will be a true representation for the people of this county.


  • Taxes

    Hold The Line on Taxation, I do not intend to Increase Property Taxes on the Citizens of Wicomico County!

  • Increase Jobs

    Grow our small business community and strengthen our economy here in Wicomico County!

  • Public Safety

    Keep Communities and Citizens Safe in Wicomico County, Back the Blue!

  • Constitutional Focus

    Protect our Citizens 2nd Amendment Rights in Wicomico County!

  • Smart Growth

    Community Input On Development and Protect our Ag Community and our Waterman in Wicomico County!

  • Education

    I want to fight to ensure all Children of Wicomico County have the opportunity for a good quality education, Pro Teacher, Pro Student, and Parent’s Voices Matter!

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